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The Secret for Sistahs

This LITTLE book started it all!

RayeQueen wrote this book in 2012 after realizing the principles taught in the book/movie 'The Secret' are principles that most of her friends/family weren't using. RayeQueen, discovered the principles are universal laws that were discovered and mastered by our ancestors. This book is a short 73 page purse book that offers practical exercises that help to overcome anger, jealousy, hurt, and pain to begin to attract & manifest joy, pride, peace, & happiness.


Sistahs discovered the book!! It has been used in therapy sessions, book clubs, sister circles, self-help practices & discussions all around the world. 

That gave birth to the 2nd book in The Secret for Sistahs series entitled 'You Are The S.H.I.T.' This book dives deeper into how our thoughts AND emotions are the ultimate driving force in manifesting our desires.


The Secret for Sistahs has taken on a life of it's own. There are now chapters in Denver, Atlanta, St. Louis, and Killeen and growing. RayeQueen is looking forward to creating chapters all over the world. The Secret for Sistahs connect regularly to structurally work on personal and spiritual development, cultivate culture, and synchronize a sisterhood based on an authentic bond where honesty, vulnerability, and power lives. Additionally, we are servants in our communities.

Meet RayeQueen

RayeQueen has a Doctorate of Metaphysical Science, is a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner & Wellness Warrior. Her fierce dedication to the health and wellness of Africans in the diaspora is exemplary and contagious. Learn more about RayeQueen by visiting