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Koyia Yvonne Osby

Sistah Koyia is a fierce example of survival. After declaring victory over a horrific car accident that rendered her physically impaired and mentally affected she knew she had to do 'the work' to regain control of her life. And that she did. She has decided to use her voice and her story to illuminate the stigma surrounding mental health by birthing an organization called #ASweetConversation. #ASweetConversation offers information for the steps one can take to retrieve the life (s)he had or the life (s)he wants. She is an amazing life coach, a powerful woman, and dynamic example of strength. We welcome her to National Sistah Circle 2019!

Patricia Mays Caddell

Patricia Caddell is a profound sistah with an in-depth understanding of family and personal freedom. She is a returning speaker who is always in high demand. Sistah Patricia has a peaceful energy that is grounded in knowledge of self. She is a wealth of information for Black women on a journey of discovering freedom and liberation in all forms. We welcome her to National Sistah Circle 2019!