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True Sol Food

Food That's True To The Soul

We address the social, cultural & political forces that shape food choices (foods including all things absorbed by the body). Our mission is to prevent, treat, and reverse dis-seases, that affect Blacks at disproportionate rates. We operate from a Holistic Health Philosophy.

Deliberate Eating

Deliberate Eating is about making conscious and intentional food choices. Our ancestors, in this country, were not vegans or vegetarians yet their health was exemplary. Those ancestors, who were enslaved, used meat as a seasoning. Turkey legs seasoned a pot of greens. Pork seasoned a pot of black-eyed peas. Yes, they fried chicken or boiled chitterlings but it wasn't in massive amounts and it didn't contain the industrialized chemicals most animals for consumption, have today.

Becoming a Deliberate Eater means understanding you can't eat meat at every meal and when you do eat meat, it can't be the largest serving on your plate. If you're going to eat processed food today, know that you cannot eat it tomorrow. Deliberate Eating means eating more life than death in order to sustain your own life.

Deliberate Eating means regularly cleansing through the use of fasting, detox, vitamins, and herbs.

Become a Deliberate Eater today by making Conscious and Intentional Food Choices!

Food Deserts 

Learn about low-income communities without access to affordable and healthy food as discussed by the American Nutrition Society. Contact us to find out how S4S is helping to address food deserts in your area.